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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


Pablo Picasso

“There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end

to it.”


Henry Moore

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”


Francis Bacon

“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing

Salvador Dali

Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it

in anything.


Gustave Flaubert

“Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.”


Constantin Brancusi

“The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.”



True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.


Auguste Rodin

I’ve never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso.


Diego Rivera


I am a natural light photographer that works at locations throughout Los Angeles to Orange County  to capture that special moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. Just give me a call...




Jennie L:   An amazing photographer to work with not only was the location he found incredible but he is also easy to work. Having an ideal image in mind he provides very detail instructions to capture the shot, he is also open to any or suggestions.

Danyal S:   Amazing photographer! Very kind and professional throughout the photo shoot and after as well! Had a great time working with Stephen, hope to work together on another shoot sometime soon!

Marlea S: Amazing and very professional! Easy to work with and on point with what he wants to shoot! Comfortable to be around and able to be your self and enjoy the arts that surround you, making it easier to get a  feel of how great the photos will come out to be.

Megan W:  Stephen is fantastic to work with. I always enjoy the photos he produces and he’s a great professional. He just did some on set photography for

me and the results are wonderful!

I always look forward to seeing his work.


Cami D:  Great photographer. Very professional and fun to work with. Highly Recommend!


Mayra R:  I had a blast shooting with Stephen he was super profetional and easy to work with my images are amazing i will defenetly shoot with him again.


Elizabeth R:  Amazing very professional!! I loved working with loner17photography “I loved my photoshoot.“ He makes you feel very conterble and makes it fun!”



Tommie B:   Please come and check out my page, it is filled with outstanding shots from Stephen himself! He’s awesome and so easy to work with. Get your pictures here.

Anthony A:   I had the pleasure of working with Stephen and Loner 17 photography and it was perfect. From the inquiry to finish product it was such a smooth process. During the shoot Stephen was on time and

professional, really made me feel comfortable with        what we were  doing.    

                                          Thanks again, you guys rock!

Emily M:  I It's the third time I work with Stephan. He is very professional. never late for any appointments and efficient when shooting. very talented. He is gifted with a camera. always could capture the most precious moments with all natural lighting. very natural and beautiful looks. I absolutely love all the pics! He is amazing! Plus, he has a wonderful personality! I am very lucky to work with Stephan. highly recommend for everyone who wants to work with the best!

Nuria R:  I worked with Stephen two weeks ago and it was a

great photo session!!! He really knows what he’s doing, very professional and polite, the location he chose was perfect and once we were there his direction was clear and precise!! I’m definitely  working  with him again!! Thank you!!!

Dylan G:  Stephen has a very fast turnaround, great edits he's easy to work with and he's got a great eye for creating moments!

Candice D:  This photographer was so great to work with he

was totally prepared when I got here he already what kind of poses angles and where on location the best lighting was! Since he was so prepared the shoot went fast and we got some great pics! Would definitely recommend and would definitely shoot with him again!

Liz B: I had a great experience shooting with Stephen. The photos made by him are just stunning! I like his style of shooting during the golden hour. Also very thankful for showing me all the poses, helping me to choose the right outfits, always replying me on my emails right away and keeping social distance during the shooting. My girlfriends after seeing photos of me made by Stephen are asking for his contacts:)

Fall Days


Location: Buena Park CA

Model: Nicole

Walking in LA


Location: Los Angeles CA

Model: Judy

LA Woman


Location: Los Angeles CA

Model: Bridget

The Other Side

Of The Tracks


Location: Old Train Bridge, South Gate CA

Model: Mary

Biker Chick


Location: LA Riverbed, Los Angeles CA

Model: Rasha

Raven Haired 


Location: Fairview Park, Costa Mesa CA

Model: Rachel

Silverlake Stairs


Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles CA

Model: Michelle

Sunkin City Love


Location: Sunkin City, San Pedro CA

Model: Dylan & Melissa

The District


Location: LA Art District, Los Angeles CA

Model: Ana

Fitness Queen


Location: Disney Music Hall, Los Angeles CA

Point Fermin/Angels Gate


Location: Point Fermin Lighthouse, Angels Gate Park, San Pedro CA

Model: Kyle & Ashley

Blossum Alley


Location: Chinatown, Los Angeles CA

Model: Regina

Fort Macarthur


Location:  San Pedro, CA

Model: Efrangeliz

Urban Queen


Location: LA Art District, Los Angeles CA

Model: Teresa

Miss Medina


Location: Downtown Los Angeles CA

Model: Jasmine

Urban Love


Location: San Pedro, CA

Model: Jasmine

Amazing Angeli


Location: Downtown Los Angeles CA

Model: Angeli

Mr. Brown


Location: Downtown Los Angeles CA

Model: Aaron



Location: Angels Gate Park, San Pedro CA

Model: Heather & Amanda

Dia de los Muertos 2016


Location: Olvera Street, Los Angeles CA

Model: Elizabeth & Sonia

LA Art District


Location: The Art District, Los Angeles CA

Model: Marlea

Fairview Park


Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Model: Ivanna

Skater Chick


Location: LA Riverbed, Los Angeles CA

Model: Angelica

Rainbow Langoon


Location: Shoreline Village/Rainbow Langoon Park, Long Beach, California Model: Aspen

Korean Bell


Location: Korean Bell in San Pedro CA

Model: Jennifer

Sunkin City

Location: Sunken City in San Pedro, CA

Model: Emily

On Broadway


Location: Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles CA Model: Erynn

Shoreline Park


Location: Shoreline Aquatic Park, Long Beach CA Model: Jennie



Location: Old LA Zoo in Los Angeles CA

Guitar Hero


Location: LA Art District Los Angeles CA

Musician: Kiel

Family Photos


Some personal family photos such as these mother and daughter pictures at unique locations that make them very special moments in time for you and your love ones.

Beach Wedding


Some pictures of my friends last minute wedding on the beach in Long Beach California.

Candid Kids


Capturing candid moments with children

produce some really great pictures.

Random  Pictures


Some random photographs that I have taken over the years in many different locations and subjects.

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